How Xtraffic+ Works ?

Xtraffic+ is a powerful SEO tool for getting you free and legitimate web traffic.

How Xtraffic+ bring you tons of free traffic ?

1. We have over 200,000 website accounts(Some are ours and some are our partners or third party platforms, all sites are legitimate.).

2. Our smart analysis system will analyze the website you submitted to us, and will automatically find the keywords.

3. Our system will generate a large number of articles based on keywords.

4. The automatic publish system will post the articles to a large number of websites.

5. If people are interested in these articles, they will search these keywords on the search engine, then your website will be displayed.

37 Replies to “How Xtraffic+ Works ?”

    1. @Michael
      Yes, this is just an demo article site to shows how Xtraffic+ create articles.
      The sites list contains a large number of directories, and clients use different websites.

      1. It’s an interesting idea, but when they go to search keywords after researching the article, surely they can pick any site to visit, so yours needs to be high ranking on Google first? So it’s just hit and miss if they come to your site after? Have I got that right? If not, then I’m definitely interested in it for my site ! ?

    1. @SnoozeBall
      Xtraffic+ is a powerful system for getting you free web traffic.
      You can check the details from Official website

    1. Sorry, can’t accept free trial due to we need to buy the server in advance.
      You can buy one month Light Plan to learn how it works.

  1. Great system. I love it and I will definitely buy it. And I will tell my friends about this wonderful system, too. Your website will really and truly get tons of traffic to it.

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